Ballotage in Peru: Keiko Fujimori asked for the nullity of some 200,000 votes

Keiko Fujimori. (Bloomberg)

The presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori asked this Wednesday before the electoral court of Peru the nullity of 802 tables nationwide that represent some 200,000 votes, she announced at a press conference in Lima after the close ballot on Sunday in which her leftist rival Pedro surpassed her. Castle.

 "Popular force is presenting today nullity actions of 802 tables nationwide, actions that are being presented to the national jury of elections," said Fujimori at a time when the latest report from the electoral body accounts for 50.2% of the votes for Castillo versus 49.7% for the right-wing leader, with 99% of the tables scrutinized.

 Fujimori, 46, also indicated that they are “monitoring the entire observation process that is being carried out in this challenge process (review), which is 1,200 minutes, which we hope will later be counted in the final count of the National Jury of Elections".

 The request "represents approximately 200,000 votes, which when these actions for annulment are admitted, must be withdrawn from the national count," she added.

 “If we add 802 tables in which nullity requests have been submitted that more or less represent 200,000 votes, and we add the 1,200 minutes observed that represent 300,000 votes, 500,000 votes are still at stake here, half a million votes at the national level that We believe that it is essential that they be analyzed for the national count that the National Elections Jury has to carry out, ”he said.

 Peru's presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori between Julio Cesar Castiglioni and Miguel Torres of the Fuerza Popular party at a press conference in Lima, Peru. REUTERS / Angela Ponce

 On behalf of her party, Fuerza Popular de ella said: "We will be a government that respects democracy, the current Constitution and we will create a government with financial and economic stability."

 Mathematics gives Fujimori options, but increasingly remote. The votes still to come are from areas overwhelmingly favorable to Castillo while the minutes that are being reviewed should have a very marked bias in his favor to allow him to overcome the difference.

 In these minutes there are 443 with votes contested by both parties, 329 with error in the sum of votes, 98 with incomplete data and 107 without signatures.

 The Fujimori party Fuerza Popular relies on large law firms in Lima, which are reviewing minute by minute in search of alleged irregularities.

 For this, they must clearly prove before the end of the day on Wednesday that there was some type of fraud in each of the minutes that they believe to be suspicious, since they are votes that at the time of being computed were not contested.

 The presidential candidate Pedro Castillo speaks before his followers while the election results are awaited on June 7 from his campaign premises in Lima (Peru). EFE / Harold Mej√≠a

 "Our representatives and the lawyers who have been watching it are going to show that there are tables with forged signatures and tables with statistically improbable results," the candidate for vice president of Fujimori, Luis Galarreta, assured the radio station RPP.

 The complaint of "systematic fraud" was launched by Fujimori on Monday night, when the already advanced scrutiny of the votes left Castillo as the probable winner of the elections.

 On the other hand, it is expected that in the next few hours thousands of Castillo supporters will arrive in Lima from various regions of the country to demonstrate in defense of the electoral results.

 At the same time, some voters of Keiko Fujimori have called a mobilization through social networks to request the intervention of the armed forces and prevent Castillo from being officially proclaimed president.

 Supporters of Peru's presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori gather in the street after the second round of the June 6 elections, in Lima, Peru, on June 8, 2021. REUTERS / Sebastian Castaneda

 Faced with this movement, the Ministry of Defense recalled in a statement that "the Armed Forces are not deliberative and are subordinate to the constitutional power, so any call to breach this person in charge is inappropriate for a democracy."

 Thus, the military reiterated its commitment to the Constitution, democracy, the principle of neutrality and respect for the popular will expressed in the elections held last Sunday.

 The Armed Forces also exhorted the population to respect the results and to work together to strengthen democracy and promote the development of the country.

 With information from EFE and AFP


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