From Pedro Sánchez's visit to the monotax: the Government pays increasing costs for improvisation and incredible mistakes

Alberto Fernández with Pedro Sánchez. The visit of the Spanish Prime Minister was a true political gesture

 The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, made a real gesture towards Argentina: he accommodated a very brief stopover in Buenos Aires to promote bilateral business and, also, to reiterate his attention to Alberto Fernández's request for international political understanding to negotiate debt. A visit of about eight hours before traveling to Costa Rica to attend a summit of Central American leaders.

 Before the visitor, the Argentine president made an irritating comment to highlight ties with Europe and without noticing the contempt for Brazil and Mexico, which naturally caused regional discomfort and surprise. The subsequent apology showed another level of improvisation or lack of sustenance from its editors.

 The phrase in question relegated the meaning of Pedro Sánchez's visit to the media. And not to mention the impact on social networks. But the issue was surely not a minor piece of information for the visitors or for the presidential image at an extremely sensitive moment in international matters. With a less commented but serious internal aggregate: the problems attributed to the "presidential style" and the question about the level of preparation of different management areas.

The President with Sergio Massa and Martín Guzmán. Reverse with the monotax

 First, the President's saying: “The Mexicans came out of the Indians, the Brazilians came out of the jungle, but we Argentines came out of the ships. They were ships that came from Europe ”. He attributed the authorship to Octavio Paz, although the ironic version attributed to the writer does not include Brazil and refers to the origins and weight of the Aztec and Inca civilizations in Mexico and Peru, in contrast to the complex migratory process of the Argentina. The presidential letter recreates Litto Nebbia, with the addition that it worsens it by highlighting that the ships came from Europe.

 Afterwards, the clarification and implicit apology request. The President highlighted the diversity of Argentine society and argued to save his position that "in the first half of the 20th century we received more than 5 million immigrants who lived with our native peoples." The writer of such a message seems to be unaware of what happened in the initial decades of the last century, with different streams of immigration and a parallel process of internal migration. Nothing comparable to the assumption contained in the presidential message.

 The presentation before the Spanish Prime Minister sounded reactionary, discriminatory and ahistorical. The subsequent text released by Twitter sought to conform to terms of political correctness, but was exposed again due to the lack of historical rigor. And that's a central element because, if allowed beyond the content, it expresses a serious flaw in the crafting mechanism.

 Since before he took office, those who know Alberto Fernández highlight - and not so much as a virtue - his inclination for statements. The President considers himself, they say, a spokesman for himself. That would be irrepressible, although it would deserve discussion indoors at least to dampen that reflection in the face of sensitive issues, such as the speech before a visiting leader.

 But more worrying is that the mechanisms to face “crisis situations”, such as the public turn that the meeting with Pedro Sánchez ended up taking, do not work or are not in a position to do so. That is more serious, because it would be permanent.

 Since before he took office, those who know Alberto Fernández highlight -and not so much as a virtue- his inclination for the statements (EFE)

 Just yesterday, the President met with Martín Guzmán and Sergio Massa to find a quick way to disarm the armed conflict with the monotax regime. In other words, they analyzed a legal way out to reverse the retroactive adjustment of the monthly installments of that system.

 Only after a few days did the Government realize that the AFIP measure - with the generation of debts for many taxpayers - was causing strong discomfort and was politically inexplicable. Again, the mechanism: the modification of quotas and billing limits occurs every beginning of the year, the regulation arrived late and passed slowly in Congress, the Government delayed its regulation and the AFIP announced the retroactives and debts a few years ago. few days. Half a year passed.

 Wasn't this ending imaginable? Regrettable mistakes, improvisation or lack of reaction, depending on the case, end up generating increasing costs. These are signs that are not limited to one episode: the matrix is ​​becoming more and more noticeable.


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