Luis Almagro requests the suspension of Nicaragua's participation in the OAS after the arbitrary arrests of opposition leaders

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, urged its members on Wednesday to suspend Nicaragua's participation in this body after the arrest of several opposition politicians.

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (EFE / Luis Eduardo Noriega A.)

 Specifically, Almagro asked "the Permanent Council to hold an emergency meeting in which (...) the activation of the necessary mechanisms for the application to Nicaragua of Article 21 of the Inter-American Democratic Charter should be considered."

 Said article provides for suspending the participation of an OAS member if two-thirds of its members consider that there has been “a breakdown of the democratic order” and that “diplomatic efforts have been unsuccessful”.

 In a letter he sent to the president of the Permanent Council, Ambassador Ronald Sanders of Antigua and Barbuda, Almagro cited "an unprecedented attack against opposition leaders, pre-candidates for publicly elected positions, social and business leaders."

 The Ortega regime has detained four presidential candidates in recent days in the upcoming elections in which the president is seeking re-election.

 As a result of the 2018 anti-government protests in Nicaragua, Almagro began the process of applying the Democratic Charter with the beginning of diplomatic negotiations.

 Just a year ago, the former Uruguayan foreign minister already asked the Permanent Council to declare a breakdown of the democratic order in the Central American country, which would lead to its suspension.

 To approve the suspension, the highest form of sanction that the OAS has, 24 votes are necessary, that is, two thirds of the 34 countries that are active members of the organization (Cuba belongs to the institution but has not participated in it since 1962).

 In its 70-year history, the OAS has only suspended two states: Cuba and Honduras.

 With information from EFE


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