She was left for dead 45 minutes, she came back to life and died three days later from COVID-19

Sara Morales (67) and Arturo Holguin (68) had known each other for two decades. Both were infected and were in intensive respirator therapy. They passed away days apart

"Sara died," Dr. Surita told two of his six children who were in the hospital waiting room. On May 12, she had been infected with COVID-19 and she had to be hospitalized urgently in Intensive Care for an advanced bilateral pneumonia.

 Sara Morales, 67, was a homemaker, she had six children, 20 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren and she had been in a relationship with Arturo for two decades. Both were retirees, born and raised in Catriel, Río Negro. Throughout the pandemic they took care of themselves and took preventive measures, but last month they fell ill. They never knew where, but the virus soon wreaked havoc.

 “First, my uncle was admitted to Viedma because they couldn't find beds, and then a few days later my aunt was admitted to the Therapy Unit. Both with extremely complex health conditions that worsened as the days went by ”, Mariano Ruiz -the nephew of both- told Profkay.

 Due to the critical health situation, Sara also had to wait a day to get an available bed. She succeeded in the therapy unit of the Cecilia Grierson Hospital in Catriel.

 According to the local media of Rio Negro, the city of is going through the second wave of very severe COVID infections and is experiencing one of the most complex sanitary moments. Positive cases continue to rise and have already exceeded three figures: there are 133 active.

 An increase in complex respiratory conditions is also observed, but although there are eight ventilators in the new hospital, there are no intensivist physicians available.

The vaccination plan in Río Negro, according to a tweet from Governor Arabella Carreras

 From the hospital the authorities remarked that, in any case, they have "personnel specialized in intensive therapy treatments" and also with equipment - the eight aforementioned respirators - to provide this type of care.

 Despite the sad outcome, what happened with Sara for a moment seemed like a miracle. After almost 12 days of hospitalization, the woman stopped breathing. But then the unexpected happened.

 On May 28 at 9 o'clock at night, the doctor in charge -Surita- communicated the death of his mother. She invited you to say goodbye to her. However, Nestor and Claudia lingered, while they did the paperwork to bury her. They also called their other brothers to say goodbye all together. Once everything was ready, they went into the room.

Sara during her last vacation before the pandemic

 The family believes that about 45 minutes would have passed. They entered and Sara had already been disconnected from the respirator and was covered. Suddenly, they saw that she was moving. Stunned, in a mixture of joy and grief, they called the doctor. Sara was breathing on her own. "They were about to deliver her body and it began to saturate low but well," her children assured. Sara was still alive.

 "We are believers, a miracle happened for us, he still didn't want to leave," Mariano Ruiz tries to find an explanation.

 Faced with the news, they hugged with happiness. And they regained their hopes. Although Sara's picture was very complex due to the advanced bilateral pneumonia caused by COVID-19.

 Meanwhile, 683 kilometers from Viedma, Arturo was fighting for her life. “The joy of another miracle did not last long, because after a few hours my uncle passed away. What do you want me to tell you, for me Sara went to say goodbye, they loved each other very much, they were extremely companions ”, says Mariano.

 Arturo met Sara 20 years ago, when she already had three children. Together they had three others, forming an assembled family with grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and several nephews. “We always saw them for every celebration or important date. Despite the distance, we were very close ”, recalls Mariano.

The couple in their house in Catriel

 That same Saturday the body of Arturo - a former employee of the municipality of Catriel - was buried in his hometown. “Acuña was a retired municipal employee and his death caused pain in all the workers of the commune and their neighbors. He was an honest man and much loved by all ”, he wrote to himself in the participations and accompaniment through funeral announcements

 At night, Sara's children went to visit her at the hospital, she was still in critical condition. "We started a chain of prayer, her organs had already begun to fail," says Mariano.

 Finally, on Monday she died. "Three days later he had a cardiorespiratory arrest and left ... this time, unfortunately it was real," lamented Mariano.

 "If you ask me what happened, the only thing I can think of is that the moment my uncle left this world, she too, met and he sent her back, even for a few days," adds Mariano.

 Those days that she lived after her resuscitation, the rest of the children and even some of Sara's grandchildren were able to say goodbye to her at the Hospital. Maybe that was the time she needed.


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