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Suspected of showing naked footage of 1,300 men Korean police arrested a man

The Act on the Protection of Children and Youth (Production and Distribution of Exploited Children), etc. A 29-year-old man was arrested on suspicion. Police officials are surprised, "It seems that the crime was aimed at money. It is a clever technique to take advantage of the psychology of men." Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency = provided by Dong-A Ilbo  According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the man was Kim Young-jun (29) and was arrested on the 3rd. Kim posted a photo of a woman on social media dating chats. When he made a video call with the man he contacted, he disguised himself by showing a video of an unrelated woman. After that, he invited the men to "want to see their faces and nakedness" and shot the naked images of the men. There is a suspicion that the video was streamed or sold on SNS.  In addition, he invited children and underage men to "let me see a woman" and is under investigation for suspicion of having sexual intercour

They will advance the designation of 200 thousand table authorities so that they can receive the vaccine against COVID-19 before STEP

The National Electoral Chamber decided to advance the appointment of 200 thousand table authorities so that they can receive the vaccine against COVID-19 before the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primary elections (PASO) on September 14. The high court also ruled that, in the selection, it will reduce the maximum age of the people to be summoned.  As Profkay learned, the decision aims to guarantee that both table presidents and alternates have received at least one dose with enough time in advance to have effective immunization. In the judicial sphere, they suggest that, at most, the doses should be applied 20 days before STEP, that is, between August 25 and 26. “They are the most important people on election day and they have to be able to carry out their tasks with peace of mind, without fear of being infected. They are essential and strategic ”, they warned in the Electoral Chamber.  Those responsible for this designation are the federal electoral courts of each district and ar