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M5S, Beppe Grillo meets the Chinese ambassador in Italy. Conte is also expected, but the former prime minister gives up

The founder of the Five Star Movement met Ambassador Li Junhua in Rome today The founder of the Five Star Movement, Beppe Grillo, met today in Rome the Chinese Ambassador to Italy, Li Junhua, at a summit which was also expected by the former premier and future leader of the pentastellates, Giuseppe Conte, who did not attend. "For other commitments". The news, reported by Adnkronos, has caused several controversies in the political world, even within the majority that supports the government of Mario Draghi. Sources cited by the news agency refer to a "normal" meeting between a diplomatic representative of a foreign country and Italian politicians.  Yet the reactions were not long in coming, primarily from the president of the Brothers of Italy (FdI), Giorgia Meloni. "Many wonder why Grillo will accompany Conte to the Chinese Ambassador today. The answer is easy: to make the next head of the M5S receive the blessing of Beijing ”, wrote Meloni on Facebook.

The irritation of Palazzo Chigi for Grillo's visit to the Chinese ambassador: this is why Conte has given up

“On Tuesday I will be in Naples together with the M5S elected officials and the mayoral candidate Gaetano Manfredi. The new phase begins on a journey that we will face with enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility, determined to create all the conditions to make a real change. Naples is an extraordinary city, full of beauties and talents that need to be better valued. The difficult financial situation he is going through requires the utmost attention and commitment ”.  He wrote it today on Fb the former premier Giuseppe Conte. Nonetheless, even if we try to look ahead, the controversy over the "gaffe" with the Chinese embassy has not yet subsided. On the day Mario Draghi was present in Cornwall at the opening of the G7, the founder of the M5s, Beppe Grillo, visited the Chinese ambassador Li Junhua in Rome.  Grillo should also have been accompanied by the leader of the 5 Stars, Giuseppe Conte, who at the last moment however made it known that he could not participate &quo

Saving Berlusconi's companies: this is what lies behind the federation between Forza Italia and Salvini

Even though Silvione is much better, friends and party colleagues have now resigned themselves: talking to Berlusconi is much more difficult than talking to the President of the United States. This is not because he does not want to: the Knight has made fair play and relationships his trademark. The point is another because in the Cav after Covid the internal balances of the large Arcore family have changed, where now there is also a brand new 'very narrow' circle, which is the one composed by the daughter Marina and the duo Letta / Confalonieri. So now to get to talk to the Cav you need to pass a double filter. On the other hand, Berlusconi's recent illnesses could not fail to bring about changes also in the internal balance of the great Arcore family. Take, for example, the recent case of the increasingly close alliance with Matteo Salvini: it is actually Berlusconi who wants to tighten as much as possible, not Salvini as he was initially left to believe as if the i