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Pending the "pandemic law", the Spanish Government prepares a DNU with fewer restrictions for the coming weeks

Alberto Fernández with the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa (Marcos Gomez)  The national government is studying at this time how to continue after Friday, June 11, when the current decree expires, which aimed to achieve a reduction in cases with the application of strict confinement, similar to Phase 1 that was carried out in April of last year.  President Alberto Fernández hopes, first of all, that the Chamber of Deputies can sanction the so-called “pandemic law” that would regulate sanitary restrictions throughout the country and would make a series of epidemiological parameters effective so that each province knows what measures it should take accordingly. according to the number of cases you have.  The ruling party has been negotiating for more than two weeks to get the votes to approve the law, but it has not yet managed to carry out that step. The most complex point has to do with the fact that, according to the project, the districts that fall into the "

From Pedro Sánchez's visit to the monotax: the Government pays increasing costs for improvisation and incredible mistakes

Alberto Fernández with Pedro Sánchez. The visit of the Spanish Prime Minister was a true political gesture  The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, made a real gesture towards Argentina: he accommodated a very brief stopover in Buenos Aires to promote bilateral business and, also, to reiterate his attention to Alberto Fernández's request for international political understanding to negotiate debt. A visit of about eight hours before traveling to Costa Rica to attend a summit of Central American leaders.  Before the visitor, the Argentine president made an irritating comment to highlight ties with Europe and without noticing the contempt for Brazil and Mexico, which naturally caused regional discomfort and surprise. The subsequent apology showed another level of improvisation or lack of sustenance from its editors.  The phrase in question relegated the meaning of Pedro Sánchez's visit to the media. And not to mention the impact on social networks. But the i