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She was left for dead 45 minutes, she came back to life and died three days later from COVID-19

Sara Morales (67) and Arturo Holguin (68) had known each other for two decades. Both were infected and were in intensive respirator therapy. They passed away days apart "Sara died," Dr. Surita told two of his six children who were in the hospital waiting room. On May 12, she had been infected with COVID-19 and she had to be hospitalized urgently in Intensive Care for an advanced bilateral pneumonia.  Sara Morales, 67, was a homemaker, she had six children, 20 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren and she had been in a relationship with Arturo for two decades. Both were retirees, born and raised in Catriel, Río Negro. Throughout the pandemic they took care of themselves and took preventive measures, but last month they fell ill. They never knew where, but the virus soon wreaked havoc.  “First, my uncle was admitted to Viedma because they couldn't find beds, and then a few days later my aunt was admitted to the Therapy Unit. Both with extremely complex health con