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Little sisters kidnapped by their father in Tenerife: Olivia's body found at the bottom of the sea. We look for the other girl

The body found at the bottom of the sea belongs to Olivia Gimeno, 6 years old, one of the two little sisters taken away from her mother by her father last April 27 in Tenerife (Spain) and never seen again alive. The other child, Anna, 1 year old, has not yet been found. Not even a trace of his father, Tomás Gimeno, 37.  The news of the discovery of the lifeless body of one of the two little sisters shocked the country: "All of Spain is in shock," said Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez. Research has been going on for more than a month and a half.  Investigators continue to search for the other child and her father, even with an oceanographic inspection ship and an underwater robot. Olivia's remains were recovered not far from the coast of the island, in a bag tied to an anchor. The results of the autopsy have not yet been disclosed. The suspicion, increasingly founded according to sources of the investigations cited by the Iberian media, is that the man kidnapped and kill

Cameraman runs faster than all the athletes and wins the 100 meters: the video is viral

The winner of the 100 meters is 23-year-old cameraman Hao Xiaoyang, in charge of filming the race which took place on May 30th at Datong University in northern China. With the camera in hand (which weighs more than four kilos), the student was faster than all the other athletes. The video of his race went viral on social networks all over the world. “I deliberately slowed down and waited for them to arrive,” commented Hao Xiaoyang.

The G7 summit begins today with vaccines against COVID-19 and climate change as central themes

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie Johnson, along with US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden  From climate to pandemic, G7 leaders will seek common responses to global crises at their first summit in nearly two years this Friday, starting with the distribution of 1 billion doses of covid-19 vaccines.  After months of videoconferencing, face-to-face meetings return and until Sunday there will also be bilateral meetings, a reception with Queen Elizabeth II and a barbecue on the beach where there will be no shortage of wood-roasted marshmallows.  The event brings together heads of state and government from Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom in the coastal town of Carbis Bay, in the southwest of England.  It is the first summit as president of the American Joe Biden, who is firmly committed to multilateralism after the isolationist years of Donald Trump. Also for the Italian Mario Draghi and the Japanese Yoshihide Suga.

WHO says it does not yet know when it will approve Sputnik V against COVID-19

The director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said today that the approval of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V is a technical decision of the group of specialists that studies it and that cannot be advanced when it will be adopted.  "It is a group that works independently and that will report its conclusions once its work is completed," Ghebreyesus said by videoconference at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg when answering a question about whether the approval of the Russian vaccine by the WHO it is a matter of "weeks and months."  In his speech, he stressed that the appearance of anticovid vaccines "has shown the light at the end of the tunnel", but stressed the need for them to reach all countries in the world. The WHO, he added, has set as a goal that 10% of the population of each country will be vaccinated by next September and 30% by the end of the year. WHO Director General Tedros A